Saturday, March 21, 2009


One thing I can not forget is how much fun I use to have during March break!
Before the "High School" years, when my kids needed full supervision, I would take that week off work, to take them places; movies, skating,etc.
As they grew older, we still continue to go places together,whenever we have the opportunity to skip work or school and we laugh and have fun together, the same way as when they were kids.
The last place we have visited together was the Royal Ontario Museum.
We were able to see the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Galleries of Africa: Ancient Egypt, Mysteries of Ancient Ukraine, The Nature of Diamonds exhibit and much more.

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  1. That must have been such a great visit, very interesting.

    OH, and I'm jealous.... I wanted to be with you guys, I bet it was soooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!

    Love you all