Monday, August 3, 2009

My Last Bullfight?

Bullfights are part of our tradition here in the islands, mainly the one that I am from, Terceira.
I remember clearly the times that I went to the bullfights with my parents and sister as well as the times that I went with my father, just the two of us,when my sister was a baby. Every time we come to the island, my husband and I, we always go to at least one bullfight.
Since the day that we arrived at the island and I found out the date of the first bullfight, I started looking for company to go. I knew that my sister and my daughter would be upset with me, they are big defenders of the animal rights, so I asked my husband to go with me, I also know that he is a big defender of MY rights and he is bigger than them...if in need, he would help me.
We got the best seats and got ourselves prepared with our cameras to capture the best angles of the show....I was so happy!
But to this moment I am trying to understand what happened there... the minute the show started I also started to feel sick...and I couldn't watch the punishment that was being given to both animals, bull and horse and all I wanted was to get out of there.... All my happiness was changing into sadness and I even had tear in my eyes.... I love to see th bulls in their habitat, but I don't think that I will be able to go back to watch the show....