Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday song

It's not very often that I listen to the Portuguese Radio Station... nothing against the Portuguese Community in Toronto, but not identifying myself with some old ideas and ways of thinking that have been adopted over the last 50 years, keeps me away from that.
Sometimes when we(my husband and I) go shopping, we put the radio on, in the car, to update ourselves to any changes that might have taken place. Today was no exception!
When we turned the radio on, songs were being played, dedicated to the Birthdays of the day! People turning one year older were getting a song according to their life stages. Some were cheerful, others more serious, others about how much back home was being missed. But the one that caught my attention was the one dedicated to someone that was turning 50 years old. The song that was played was about how much youth was being missed and that it was the beginning of the end. And for the Portuguese reader, I can say that it was a song by Antonio Calvario that goes like this: "Mocidade, mocidade, porque fugiste de mim (?), hoje morro de saudade... o principio do fim....". I am already over 50 and if any one played that song for me, I would NOT be very happy!
Now you can understand why, I stay way!