Thursday, July 30, 2009

The ritual of the sun

I have been lucky enough to be able to return to my home town almost every year and that way keep myself in touch with my roots, family and friends.
Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, half way between Europe and North America, these gorgeous group of islands called the Azores have the ability to offer us the four seasons in one day.
Because of that ability, every time we want to go swimming, we need to find out what side of the island offers the "summer season" with sunshine and enough heat to give us a nice tan.
If where we are is cloudy, it means that the sun is shining somewhere else, we just need to know where...
-We go to the front door to check which side of the island is less cloudy
-We go to the backyard to check the same
-We call a friend that lives at the other side of the island
-We go back to the front and than to the backyard and check the skies
-If by any chance we see the top of the Pico Island than it means trouble - rain for the next three days (forget about swimming)
-We call another friend that lives in another area
-Finally we just hop into the car and go chasing the sun, from one beach to the next until we find the SUN, which usually takes about one hour
In the evening when we meet our friends, the conversation usually starts by finding out where each one of us went swimming and how warm it was!