Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Angel's Touch

A feather fell to earth today
And touched my
aching heart;
I felt an Angel close to me
With wisdom to impart:
When sadness seems
to overwhelm
And take away the light,
Remember that the
sun will rise
As morning follows night.
Believe that you
can overcome;
Believe that you can win;
Believe that you are in
His care
And let the sunshine in.

I dedicate this poem, from the Angel Touch Moments, to my son, to reassure him that I am not his only fan.


  1. Olá Black T-Shirt
    Lindas e profundas palavras. Eu gostaria de dizer que o seu filho tem pelo menos mais dois fans do lado de cá do mar
    Um beijinho para sim e um abraço especial para a o W.

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  2. Such beautiful and thoughtful words.
    And that picture... gorgeous!
    And yes, W may be sure that we are also 150% behind him, and we're also his fans.

    Love for all


  3. Since you are a follower of my blog don't forget to pick your award.