Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remember .....

I find that it's much easier to forget than to remember... as so, I always say that "I have the ability to forget!" and I move on, laughing and accepting the fact that I am forgetful.
When I go shopping and I forget to buy anything on the list , when asked, I always say that "It was sold out!". My kids know what I mean by that, and often they remind me that I am a candidate to Alzheimer's and I should take care of myself.
During one of my investigations, I came across a natural product named Ginkgo biloba, that has the ability to increase the blood circulation to the brain, making it beneficial in all types of dementia, increasing alertness and memory. Ginkgo has been used in traditional medicine to treat circulatory disorders and enhance memory. At first, it seems to be the ideal treatment for the cause, but as with any natural product, we need to get ourselves well informed about the side effects, specially if taking any medication. Please don't forget to consult your family doctor or a health professional to ensure that it is the right product for you.

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