Saturday, April 25, 2009

Past Lives Regression

The truth is that I am fascinated by the whole concept of Reincarnation and above all the Past Lives Regression therapy. As you have read on my post French Soldier I have attended a workshop with Dr Brian Weiss, M.D. and once again the experience has been extremely helpful to understand the reason behind some of my behaviors.
We were a group of about 800 people that could feel the energy in that Conference room coming from Dr Weiss's soft voice. More than half of us were able go back and experience a previous life.
I find it very easy to go back in time and sometimes I question myself if it is just my imagination.
The fact is that it all seemed so real!
This time, I was a nun in a Monastery, I am not sure if we had the vow of silence, but there was not much talking, my room was so small, that the furniture was only one bed and a lavatory.
I was sad all the time and very lonely and going back to that time, made me understand the reason why I need to be surrounded by life...laughter and joy.