Friday, July 16, 2010


When Cecille came to see me at work, she couldn't believe her eyes! Cecille is a seventy years old petite, black Lady, that has been my client since I have been at that location. She 's very special to me and when she moved to the States, I thought I was not going to see her again..... but once in a while Cecille comes in and I know that she doesn't come just for her finances, she also comes to see me.
"There's something about the way you walk that makes you look so good, girlfriend!" said Cecille, "did you loose more weight? What did you do?"
Coming from Cecille, it made me feel really good, she's very active and always watching what she eats. Cecille has been stopped at the border, because they thought that her passport had been stolen (she looked too good for a seventy years old woman).
"Cecille, I have been exercising... I got myself a personal trainer, and I try to go to the gym three days a week, to get myself in shape. It's hard, but it's well worth!"
"You look great!" said Cecille.
I might look great in Cecille's eyes, but I feel even better, my breathing, my walking, my sleeping, all my physical activities have improved one hundred percent and although I have started a little late in life, I think that it's never too late to improve our health and age graciously....
I encourage everybody to exercise, no matter how old or young.... just going for walks or going to the gym, a lot or a little. The type of sedentary life that most of us have, at a desk, in front of a computer or a TV contributes to all the new age illnesses that have been increasing so drastically.

And to Cecille for being such an inspiration and example, I have to say: "Thanks, Girlfriend!"


  1. Love the way you've put the need we all have to exercise :-)
    I feel so glad that you're feeling much better with exercising, you new "Albertina"... ;-)
    And I should do like you, Sis.... I think I'm being behind... maybe next September things will change and I'll start the work out.

    Love you, kisses

  2. Oh what a sweetheart Cecile must be. It does feel so good when someone notices those changes in our appearance. Sometimes it is difficult for those around us on a day-to-day basis to see the pounds falling away & the toning taking place. Thank goodness for absent friends.