Monday, October 19, 2009

The Sleeve Police

I consider myself very lucky not having to use the public transportation daily. Once in a while I have no other choice but take the subway to and from work. Today it was one of those days!
With a lot of people getting under the weather this time of year, the local news come up with ways to prevent the spread of any sickness, specially the H1N1 flue:
- Washing the hands thoroughly
- Using Purell or any other alcohol compound after any contact with another human
- Sneezing into the sleeve instead of the hand
As I was riding the subway and looking at all the population of Toronto, traveling during rush hour, made me realize that it's hard to break some old habits, specially the sneezing habits.
I think that we are going to need the "Sleeve Police" to patrol the subways and ticket those that still insist on sneezing anywhere but on their sleeves. What about using the old handkerchief?

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