Monday, May 17, 2010

In Honor of the Divine Holy Spirit

When W came downstairs and told us about his dream, we were all curious to find out what was the message behind the dream.
W said that on his dream, he was at the Skydome with Grandpa and Grandma, the three of them were hosting an event, the place was full of tables and chairs, all set up for dinner, the guests were arriving, but there was no food. They were all dressed up for a Gala and W felt that it was his duty to get food for everybody, but instead he woke up with the feeling that there were some unfinished business that he had to take care of. But what?
Thinking that it was his parents that were there with W, my husband called his sister to see if she had any clues, but the only thing that she said was "Don't worry, the rest of the message will come in due time". Later W said that my parents were the ones with him....
More ideas were flowing from all of us and it was my turn to call my sister...

The year my daughter was born, my parents came to spend one year with us, to help me with the kids (both my son and my daughter), since my father was already retired, they could spend some quality time with the grandchildren...
Great memories!

the same year, being a brother of the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit of Lameirinho, my son had the honor of being chosen to hold the Crown for one year, that period of time would end with a Coronation and a Function, where all the family and friends participate. Being so far away and having a new baby to take care of, we decided that the Crown would stay at my Sister's for the year and than returned to the Brotherhood.
W was 6 years old at the time and there wasn't much that he could do...

When I called my sister and told her about W's dream, right away she pointed out that this was his unfinished business!


  1. Yes, it is, but with the help of the Holy Spirit and Mother's guiding we all will help to finish W business, so he can continue and walk his path as special as he is.

    Lovely post and you're very brave!

    Love you and all.


  2. Thanks Sister, we are all together on this one!
    Thanks for all your Love and support!