Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Favorite Fruit

If you ask anyone that knows me, what's my favorite fruit and they don't say grapefruit that means that they don't know me well enough.
From the three types of grapefruits, white, pink and ruby, my favorite is the ruby red, right from the fridge.
Grapefruit was first noticed on Barbados in 1750 and got that name because it grows in clusters just like grapes.
Besides the fact that I love it's taste, grapefruit is low in calories, about 97 calories per fruit and it's rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, potassium and folic acid.
Other benefits from grapefruit are, the fact that it's pectin helps to lower cholesterol levels and also helps to normalize hematocrit levels(number of red cells in the blood).
I admit that sometimes I get frustrated when I have to separate the flesh from the white membrane to make my salads, but it's well worth going through that process.
For the last 5 years, my |Christmas Eve fruit salad is made out of grapefruits, grapes, oranges, pomegranate and my favorite liquor. Does anyone know the name of my favorite liquor?


  1. Olá Black Shirt

    Quanto à questão do salvamento do "Pimpão" e da "Angel" em caso de fogo se não sofrerem nenhum acidente eu garanto que eles serão os primeiros a sair. Talvez vocês devam treiná-los para que sejam eles a dar o alarme já que os seus sentidos são muito mais apurados do que os nossos.
    Quanto à tua bebida favorita disse-me um passarinho que seria "Grand Marnier"



  2. Hi gorgeous you!!!!
    Glad you're feeling better!!!
    And I also feel sorry for those people passing by you... do you say that "bad language" in Portuguese or English? If in portuguese maybe they don't understand LOL
    And I laugh about you being a true Vieira, that's right!!!! YOU ARE!!!!! LOL

    As for grapefruit I know it's really good and rich with low calories, (that's the best), but I just like to eat it when it's you processing it.
    You're the only one that knows how to do it ;)

    As for your fav liquor I could say Frangelico, but I think the Viajante's bird (me) said it better. LOL

    Wish you all a great weekend, with lots of fun and enjoying Carnival.

    Love you