Friday, February 19, 2010

Exchanging Energies

One of the many books that I have been reading ( and I have the tendency of doing it all at the same time) is called "You are PSYCHIC - The art of clairvoyant reading & healing" by Debra Lynne Katz.
I usually jump from one book to another trying to put some thoughts and ideas together, without even realizing who wrote what...
But this time what got my attention was the part that Debra talks about the exchange of energies; and I quote:
"Clairvoyantly, I have seen that there are minute threads of energy, in the form of light, connecting everybody and everything together..."
Reading that, brought me back to the time that I attended a funeral and during the Cemetery Ceremony some of us saw long threads of light almost touching us and going over the trees, as if it was connecting all of the attendants. It was the most beautiful "web" that I have ever seen!
But not everybody was able to see it and that made me wonder why some of us were able to see it and others not...

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  1. I think that sometimes we are just not focus on the same things...