Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Women behind my Strength

I believe that one of the reasons we come to the planet Earth is to learn from the interactions with others.
As I get older and as I try to understand my purpose in life, I find myself loving more and more humans and animals, although I still have a lot to work on one of my weaknesses, thinking that the world is against me when I don't get what I want!
I keep on reminding myself that whatever happens in life, what really matters are the lessons that we learn from every single situation and that all we need is PATIENCE to wait for the end results.
That's right PATIENCE... I said it.... PATIENCE... PATIENCE.... PATIENCE...
But, this is not about me....this is about the women that stand behind me, giving me the strength to find the PATIENCE that I came looking for in the planet Earth!
These three women that give me their unconditional LOVE, that becomes my STRENGTH are ( and not always in the same order, they take their places according to the situations) my Mother, my Sister and my Daughter.
I want to thank the three of you for being the WIND BENEATH MY WINGS!


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  1. What a lovely blog. I believe that one of the main reasons we are here is to be that source of strength and unconditional love for each other. So, I guess we are on similar paths.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!