Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emanuel Felix

The few memories that I still have of Emanuel Felix are mainly from my childhood and although every time I went back to the island, I tried to get in touch, it was always hard to find him. We would see each other at Rua da Se,the Market Place or even at the airport, but always in a rush. He was either traveling to Paris or to a meeting with a colleague and we always promised each other that "next time" we would spend some time together. In 2001, I finally had the pleasure of his company, together with his wife, his son, his grand-son and my sister. We had coffee and cake at his place where he told us all about his trips to Saint George's Island as well as to California and read us some of his poems. This was the last time we were together.
February 14, 2004, on my father's birthday, he passed away due to diabetes complications.

His published work follows: